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22.11.2012 15:54 Age: 5 yrs

That is awesome!

After the last meeting of the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein in 2012, we were told that Committee 2 has decided upon supporting our first feature film script "Mujahida" with financial funding!

"Mujahida" tells the story of 23 year old Lisa König, who, through her afghan boyfriend gets to know the world of Islam. Against his will she slowly descends from her carefree life in Hamburg's high society to islamist circles. Ties to her knew friends in the mosque bring her to the birthplace of radical islamistic terrorism: Waziristan, the forsaken borderland between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Her perception of reality blurrs further and further; so far that she is willing to do anything for her beliefs.

We are excited about script work with our lecturer Kyra Scheurer and send out a big thank you to Juliana Schmidt and everyone on the comittee of FFHSH!