Crazy In Love (2010)

Bollywood made in Germany! That’s the motto of Ali Hakim’s and Peter Oldak’s graduate-movie, that was shot in 2010.

It’s a story about young schoolboys, who get a beautiful substitute teacher – and start having their classroom fantasies. In one dream little Sanju from India starts dancing in his own Bollywood musical – just like Shah Rukh Khan! An explosion of colours, chant and dance.

Apart from a few festival screenings, the two graduates were nominated for the coveted “Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2011” as “Best Short”.




Country:  Germany

Genre:  Musical-Comedy (10')

Production:  die medienakademie AG

Director: Ali Hakim, Peter Oldak

Cast:  Anne Wis, Dushant Kumar, Bürger L. Dietrich, Ralf Richter


Awards&Festivals: Studio Hamburg Nachwuchspreis 2011nominee,

Feature Filmfestival Berlin, Kurzfilmslam Hamburg 2. Platz



Rostam (2009)

The topic to their third-semester film was a political one.

A single afghan father tries to detain his only son from joining a fundamentalist group to undertake the Jihad – with all means necessary. Now his son Rostam has to choose between his father and God.

We are working on a feature film concerning this topic. The working title is “When it rains, angels are our soldiers”.




Country:  Deutschland

Genre:  Drama (10')

Production:  die medienakademie AG

Producer: Peter Oldak

Director & Writer: Ali Hakim

Cast:  Ramin Yazdani, Serkan Sahan

Awards&Festivals: International Filmfest Contravision